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i wanna go to school!!!!!

All i want to do is go off to school. i wanna get outta melrose sooo bad! so bascially i have like 10 days left. today's my last day of work which means i will NEVER have to work there again, which sorta sucks in a way, cuz i have to get a new job in the summer. Maybe Toys R Us.. ha no.. you think i'd be working there by now. I should be finally getting my computer today, since i was in the shower yesterday when the UPS guy came and he left. i'll be getting a printer and a digital camera with it too! o yes, so back to school.. im pretty much done with the shopping, but the clothes. so im almost done and krissy and i are waiting for ashley. i have no idea whats going on. i gotta go.. im hungry.. lol

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