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bad day...

this day really has to end. i really hate today. i did notihng productive except driving my sister's ass around and buying two cds... Less Than Jake and Big D and the Kids Table. anyways the last couple of days at diana's have been really fun. playing truth or dare. and corrupting diana is always fun. so about today.. i hate today. its soo weird how u can wake up and you already know how the rest of your day will be. i have a big feeling tomorrow will be just as bad along with monday and probably the rest of the week. o yes i may be negative, but its true. it sucks soo much.

i may have to call my dad tomorrow since he didnt answer today about nh. im thinking maybe doing a friday, saturday and coming back sunday thing up at my uncle's place. my uncle would probably let me.. it will only be me, danielle, toni and diana. soo i think it would be ok. off the lake and all. girls weekend would be awesome. maybe i need that, to just get away from my family, o yes even though i'll be away from them all of this fall, winter and spring, not including breaks.

damn it.. i cant find my further seems forver cd. it was sooo good! i'll probably never find it. im gonna go.. too much shit on my mind... later

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