Corrin (rinny14) wrote,

yea... exes

So im coming to realize, that i fall for the wrong people and end up getting controlled in the end. How could i just get myself to that low point again? How can i trust anyone the way i have to all the others i thought i loved. Staying with every single one of them, even after getting cheated on, used and hurt. Every single relationship i was used. All different reasons, but still it happened. My past relationship, i thought went all right, thinking i would of been the only one. But instead, i find out i wasnt the only one, and they were on a break, and she didnt break up with him for me. We still fooled around after we broke up, 2 years of fooling around. How can i go that can she? how can she lie like that? im sick of talking about this, yet i want my damn revenge. well its more of what she deserves. She played the both of us, yet he still thinks of her as a perfect angel who DOESNT lie and cheat. wow... if he only knew about the other people she saw BESIDES me, while "still with him" and still fucking me. Yea, i still do alot of shit for her. what the fuck
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