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my away message

im not sure whats wrong with me right now.... my stomach's telling me to throw up.. and my head is telling me to cry..... just so confused and want to know the right answer.....

...can i be happy? please

... i guess that isnt a good thing..i think my depression is slowly coming back. im finally realizing i dont think anyone likes me and i will be alone for awhile. this feeling hit me like a ton of bricks and im scared...

if anyone reads any of this... just tell me.. i'll delete my live journal if you want me to.....

i just want to feel comforted... i guess right now is a crucial time for me.. and i guess i need to feel loved...
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God I know how you feel, darlin. I've been going through so much shit in my life with Katie right now that it's pathetic. But as much as I want to give up, I can't. And since my life has to suck, your's does too. It's like a fact. Seriously though, everything has to get better when you hit the fuckin bottom. Give it some time and talk to me whenever you need too.
thank you... i'll keep that in mind.... it is hard. if u need to talk.. im here for you too!
*big hugs* i hope things get better for you corrin. i really do. your a really nice, sweet person. x>
aaww nikki... thank you! i've always liked you since i got to make u ramen in that movie! haha i hope to see u soon, since u live so close!
:) i dont know what we would have done without you to help us with that class! x>
*mwah* i'm here if u need me corndog. just remember, i still love you and there are tons of us who are here for you always.

thanks rachel! i know it... i just get so upset sometimes... im glad ur here for me
Hey Corrin, it's Monica.

I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, that's terrible. It's such a bad place to be and I've definetely been there as I'm sure plenty of others have to - but when you are there it kinda seem like no one else would understand.

Anyway - I hope you'll be doing better and I'm going to add you to my friend's list.
aaw thank you monica.. that was soo nice of u to reply. i hope to see u this year at school.. and hopefully to party... i'll surely need that.. i'll add u right now